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Tell us Your Needs

Please always let us know if you have specific concerns...  was there a spill?  is there an odor you want to be rid of?  the vehicle is new-to-you and belonged to a smoker?  Are you selling your vehicle and want to spiff it up?  Telling us your needs will help us provide the service you need and get you better value for your dollars.

Select a Cleaning Package Below...

all detailing packages include a Basic Wash.

Shampoo & Interior Detail

This package includes a Basic Wash on the outside and all the bells & whistles on the inside...  a complete shampoo of all carpets, mats, upholstery and vinyl.  A thorough cleaning of windows and door jambs... extra attention is paid to detailing cracks and crevices for maximum dirt removal.  Conditioning treatment is applied to leather upholstery.

As with our Regular Cleaning, dash dressing to bring out the shine and extra deodorizer are both optional.

Starts at $159

Regular Cleaning In & Out

Basic wash on the outside... plus carpets, seats & trunk or cargo areas are vacuumed, door jambs are wiped.  Mats are shampooed.  Dash, instrument panel, console, cup holders, and door panels are wiped.  Inside of windows are cleaned.  

Dash dressing to bring out the shine is optional, deodorizer applied to seats & carpets as needed is also optional.

Starts at $79

Economy Cleaning

Basic wash plus passenger area is vacuumed -- including carpets, mats and seats.  

Starts at $49

Basic Wash

A thorough hand wash from top to bottom.   Tires & rims are sprayed with heavy duty grime remover and pressure washed.   Hand dried to prevent most water spots.  Tire shine dressing is applied to tires.

Starts at $29

Optional Exterior Add-ons

any of which can be added to our Base Packages.

Paint Sealant

Begins with a decontaminating wash and clay treatment to prepare the vehicle surface.  A lotion Paint Sealant that is our most durable final finish product is applied.  It produces a deep, rich gloss and provides long lasting protection against surface contamination and UV rays.

Starts at $149 additional

Regular Wax

Begins with a basic wash and then a clay treatment to prepare vehicle surface for wax application.  We then apply a creme wax containing mild abrasives, lubricants and silicone that can removes minor paint imperfections, produces deep gloss and provides protection from surface contaminants and UV rays. 

Starts at $89 additional

Super Wash for Winter or Summer

Both begin with a Basic Wash and each go on to provide an exterior detail tailored to the season:  

Winter Wash provides extra time for de-icing, a protectant is applied to help repel salt & ice, and door seals are treated to help prevent doors freezing shut.

Summer Wash provides extra time and an additional step for bug removal, a protectant is applied to aid bug removal at your next wash.

Starts at $25 additional

Extra Services we can provide

(if you need something that you don't see on this list, just ask and we'll do our best to accommodate) 

- Extra deodorizing /odor removal

- Protective dressing applied to vinyl

- Protective conditioning for leather seats

- Spot shampoo / Stain removal

- Dog hair removal

- Tar or tree sap removal

- Headlight restoration

- Apply RainX or Aquapel to windshield

- Upgrade regular wax to Paint Sealant

- Headliner shampoo

- Custom detailing from $65 per hour