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“Why don’t you have fixed prices?”

We have “starting at” prices for our services because everyone’s needs and expectations are different.  Time is money, and there is a great deal of difference in the time needed to clean a compact car driven by a single senior citizen twice a week, to the mini-van driven by a working mother of three with a family dog, to the crew cab truck driven by the grubby construction workers to dirty job sites.  We seek to be fair to everyone and that means different price levels for different needs.

 “Do you have a Rewards Program for repeat clients?”

Our reward program is temporarily on hold / under revision.  We ended our relationship with Vicinity rewards - but do not fear - we are honoring all points that were earned through that system.  

We appreciate our customers and will have a new reward system up and running in the near future.   

 “How often should I wax my car?”

The general rule of thumb is to have your vehicle waxed twice a year, or once a year if you choose to upgrade regular wax to our once-a-year polish.  But again, everyone’s needs are different.  How often your vehicle needs to be waxed will depend on several factors including how often it’s washed and if it’s parked in a garage or outside, among other things. 

 “Can you make my car look brand new again?”

The short answer is: That depends.  We’re not magicians, but we can always make it look the very best it can.  If your vehicle is a few years old and has been cleaned on a regular basis, we can make it look pretty close to new.  If your vehicle is ten years old and hasn't been cleaned very often, we can still make it look it’s best, but nobody will be fooled and think it’s new.

“I want my car super clean, I need it done right now because I’m in a hurry and… can I get a deal on that?”

Have you ever heard the old saying that you can’t get “Good, fast and cheap”?  Well, it’s true.  If you need a job done really well and very quickly, you’re not going to get it done inexpensively. 

I think there’s another old saying about having a cake and eating it too….

All our prices are subject to 13% HST.

All prices listed or quoted for vehicle cleaning DO NOT include tax.

Appointment times are approximate & not guaranteed. 

We do our best to keep to the time spot we scheduled for you, but sometimes the unexpected happens and we fall behind schedule, we are only human after all. (who knew?)

We have gift certificates available for any amount.

They are redeemable for any of our services and they never expire.

We offer a convenient Pick up and Drop off service to better serve your needs.  If your vehicle is in for a Gold Package and you're leaving it with us for the day, if you need a ride to work or home or just the mall while we work on your vehicle, let us know and we can usually do that for you.  Some restrictions apply. 

** Our shuttle services is currently NOT available...  will update when it is back up and running. **

We are always closed on Saturdays.

Lucky us, eh?

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings, especially electronic devices, should be removed from your vehicle prior to your appointment.  We will not be held responsible for belongings being damaged or ruined that were left in the vehicle and got wet and/or soapy or small items that were vacuumed up.

And, besides, the more time we have to spend removing, storing and then replacing your personal belongings -- the less time we have to do the actual cleaning on your vehicle!