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Auto Spa is Temporarily Closed


Due to conditions related to the Covid - 19 pandemic we are not operating our vehicle cleaning department at this time.


All services related to Telstar Auto Glass remain the same - we are here to serve your automotive glass needs.

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Let our Cleaning Professionals take care of Your Vehicle.

Cleaning is regular maintenance your vehicle needs just like any other – like checking & changing fluids and filters or maintaining tire pressure.

Regular cleaning of your vehicle will extend the life of carpets and upholstery, it will help prevent rust/corrosion on the exterior by removing salt, and it will keep your vehicle looking newer for longer.  Not to mention making it more pleasant to drive!

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Tell us Your Needs

Please always let us know if you have specific concerns...  was there a spill?  is there an odor you want to be rid of?  the vehicle is new-to-you and belonged to a dog-owning smoker?  Are you selling your vehicle and want to spiff it up?

Telling us your needs will help us provide the service you need and get you better value for your money.